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When Bulma was crying and said "Goku...please" in Dragon Ball super Ep. 27
My heart <33
Jack and Peaches
Welp. The season is over. And much to our delight, Jack is still single :D 

So here are some 50 year Jack and Rave girl pics (named Peaches by the fandom) 
Because our bearded baby boy deserves a plump bottom in his lap. Am I right? 
Make sure you always wave to your friendly neighborhood Samurai. It might just make his day<3

I’ve really been sitting down and thinking about all the thoughts I’ve been wanting to collectively put together as a conclusive ending to this beautiful series. Should things take a turn into a different direction, I just want to be able to look back and see what I have gathered to what I thought and took from the story telling leading up to the series finale.

First and foremost. This is a series of generations / redemption /  guidance / rebirth and repentance.

Also, a story of parallels.

The story harps heavily on parental figures and children. (Notably daughters)  

Starting with Jack rescuing a mother, daughter and newborn.

Jack’s flashback and torment of failing his whole village,  Father and mourning Mother while also taking the lessons that he’s learned from him.

Ashi and her upbringing, lack of understanding, abusive and manipulation and flashbacks.

There are still 3 episodes left with so many unanswered questions, the origin and motive behind the priestess (perhaps we’ll never know.) Will Ashi ever mourn for her sisters now that she’s following a righteous  path? Will she mourn for them even as simple as acknowledging  the loss of a human life that was of her own blood? Not only that, we saw the priestess give physical birth to the girls. We know that Aku hasn’t seemed to acknowledge them throughout the whole seasons, so perhaps their really is no ties to to the daughters and Aku aside their blind worshiping.

The Priestess was surpassed by her daughter. What is that extra element that makes Ashi superior to her own Mother in combat? To her mother who taught her? 


This season harping on children and innocence. Jack’s hallucinations were that of children begging for him to save them. Jack’s choice to commit suicide because he thought he killed those children. Children really represent impressionable innocence . Even when Jack and Ashi were in the belly of the beast, he acknowledged her as an ‘innocent’ that was only there because of him. 

The biggest sign is how they parallel Jack’s lessons to her Mother’s. Their voices literally side by side in her head. How the Mother kills the ladybug but Jack let’s it go free. How Ashi walked Jack’s beaten path to see all the good he had done and how it effected everyone throughout the decades. 

The seasons is also harping on progression and next generations. We see the Scotsman and his daughters (another sign.) and how he’s taking them out to battle as proud warriors who’s representing their family clan / name. And even after his death them taking up his sword (Before he comes back with Celtic Magic.)

I honestly believe Ashi’s redemption arc is to prove that she is truly pure of heart and worthy of the sword, but I do’t think she’s quite there yet. There’s the matter of the anger she holds toward her Mother, and honestly, I don’t thing we’ve finished seeing the priestess after her unceremonious death. I think Ashi will have to forgive her Mother before finding true peace. Just like Jack has to forgive himself (I don’t think Jack is quite done yet either.) 

As for tomorrow’s episode. This is the honest to god way I see how everything links together. Perhaps I’m wrong  and it’s all wishful thinking, but  I do believe it’s true.

Through some means, whether sexual, blood or magic, I do believe Jack is the Father of the Daughters. I’ve believed this from the beginning. I believe the motive was to use a piece of jack to form an elite team to hunt and destroy him in hopes that whatever incredible genetic abilities that Jack possesses that make him a great warrior will have passed down to the daughters and out numbering him with his elite skill set.

I believe the good that Jack passed down to Ashi is what outweighed the hate the Mother bred into her. Her curiosity, her sense of wonder all from him. She had to go off on her own, deal with the demons in her past and still is, and slowly become her own person. Though she reminds of Jack a lot in many instances. 

I believe next episode is a transition episode into the finale.

I believe there was no romance throughout the season.
They sexualized Ashi as an adult female to the audience. NEVER to Jack.
Their interactions as of now have yet to indicate attraction outside basic human interaction in their given circumstances. (Again, this could change tomorrow.) 
And if it does, it will honestly be incredibly rushed.

I believe bourgeoning is a term to describe the current relationship between Jack and Ashi as it stands now and I believe the ‘turn’ will be for the worst.

I believe the shocking news is that when Aku realizes that Jack actually does have his sword, he’s going to look into Ashi and realize that she is some how connected to him in someway.

I believe Jack’s worst nightmare is that the first humans he’s killed were his own children. I think He will realized that this was a sick and corrupt plan conjured because of Aku’s evil rule. I believe that Aku will use Ashi , Jack’s last remaining child, to fight Jack where Jack will refuse to fight. And Ashi might even make a fatal blow to Jack. (that’s questionable though.) 

I believe an army of ALL of Jack’s comrades and friends he’s helped over the years will come to his rescue in the battle.

I also believe Ashi will be the successor the sword.

We know the Scotsman is only here due to celctic magic and un-finished business, when Aku is destroyed he will rest in peace. A part of me thinks Jack will pass as well. Maybe they’ll go on one last adventure to heaven together. ( D’:) 

Jack and The Scotsman were brothers of war. I believe Flora and her sisters will welcome Ashi like Jack like Jack was welcomed into the Scotsman’s clan.
And the daughters will take the places of their fathers in rebuilding the future while their father’s rest. Jack’s parents will rest in peace, and Ashi will have had a parent who is proud of her. 

Remember the story of a hero is a tragic one. I don’t think it’s going to be a happy fairytale in the end.

This is just the theory I’ve gathered from watching the episodes. Perhpas tomorrow I’ll be proven gravely wrong, but I think this angle truly had a possibility to bring on the water works.

Deeper into the future we go. 


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