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Excuse me, Mrs. Sanchez by Icecry
Excuse me, Mrs. Sanchez

"It’s incredible that a man of so many brilliant thoughts could be so lonely. I suppose when you travel the universe as many times as you have one realizes just how alone they really are." - Mrs. Sanchez

Just some things I think she would have said :)

Well here it is, my young Rick and Beth’s Mom (I’m sure the show will give her a cooler name but I just call her (Bonnie) for the sake of story telling. 

Rick Sanchez, Scientific Genius 
Dr. Stephens, an acclaimed Ethologist and Anthropologist. (Hint towards Beth’s interest in animals) 

You can read the whole theory of their meeting here! 
I hope you enjoy and feedback appreciated! 

Already having made a name for himself in the Science community (Not necessarily a positive one.) Shortly after the race for the moon landing, it was rumored among the elite science community that the Soviet Union had joined forces with Germany (reverse engineering)  to not only travel to a different galaxy, but also study and research it’s inhabitants. 

Despite the Science community’s initial dislike of Rick due to his poor behavior and lack of priorities, his reckless scientific craft had proven to be the most exellerated above any other respected scientist of their time. They presented  Rick with the proposition of him being the one to race the SU and Germany for extraterrestrial researching to which he accepted, since he had nothing better to do. 

Fearing that Rick would simply drink himself silly the whole trip, Rick was assigned a partner, a young and well respected Ethologist and Anthropologist (Beth’s mother). 
Her in-depth research and study of the structure,  embryology, evolution , classification and habits of wild life along with her study of human behavior has received a critical acclaim.

Of course, nothing could insult Rick more than to pair him up with some ditzy animal lover. 

However, (Bonnie) was not the one to be toyed with. She had been warned about Rick’s attitude and greeted him with a very professional and ‘cold’ shoulder. When it came down to the nitty gritty she got down to business. She was direct and thorough, constantly looking over her notes and unfortunately seemed to be the target of all of Rick’s insults, to which she paid no mind to. After several mind numbingly fruitless nights as they traveled Rick pushed her buttons a little too far, resulting in her finally snapping and stating - 

"My profession requires me study to animals in their natural habitat, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing these past few nights i’ve spent with you. Please by any means do not think that you are in any sort of way complicated. I had you figured out the second you opened your mouth."

Of course her insults certainly didn’t earn Rick’s unquestioning silence, but it certainly got her a little more respect from him.

When the expeditions began, Bonnie was in awe of the new beauty the solar system had to offer. The research she gathered was none the less incredible. Not too much to her surprise, Rick didn’t seem to moved by the sights. When she questioned him he replied that he’s seen it all before and that its been a while since he’s breath’s been taken away, to which her reply is- 

"It’s incredible that a man of so many brilliant thoughts could be so lonely. I suppose when you travel the universe as many times as you have one realizes just how alone they really are." 

From that point his insults still came flying, but there was a hint of affection behind them. She was an intelligent woman and wasn’t about to fall for sudden out pour of affection, his interest in her was subtle because it was still soaking into his mind. He was good at what he did and she was good and what she did. Neither had nothing to prove to anyone. Neither yielded nor gave in, but he himself never called it love because that word proved to follow with many disappointments. He figured out it mathematically and accepted it as fact. A though a mind of racing thoughts that continuously needed to be dulled down by the soothing hands of alcohol, he was glad that the thought of her had the same effect, even if down the line human nature would tear them apart. Such is the life of he to studies the planets and the stars and she who studies that which walks among them. 

Latin Charm by Icecry
Latin Charm

Okay so this was definitely not supped to take this long. I’ve been working on this 2 page nothingness for the past week but it gave me the chance to peace backgrounds, as you can tell how terrible there are. 

Any who, ever since I saw the Cruz Sister’s commercial. which I thought was brilliantly done, I couldn’t get the idea that there were no two better foils for two Italian brothers than two sister’s from Spain. 

Plus I would LOVE For Nintendo to dig deeper into the Italian aspect of the Mario Brothers, being part Italian myself and growing up with an Italian grandfather. 

This whole idea has been buzzing around in my head for the past few weeks and I couldn’t rest until I got it down in some sort of comic. 

If you want to see my first design for them you can check it out HERE.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Princess Peach and Daisy, but they’re the romantic interests in the game. I wanted to make characters that would push buttons or just become genuine friends while humorously having a small rivalry between cultures. (Only friendly though.) 

So these are my two sister’s from Spain.
These two ladies I call Sophia (red) and Lucia (green) 

I think I can say I’m done with Mario and Luigi for a little while because proved to be a little challenging.
I probably won’t get much feedback no this, but I’m still glad I did it
And I hope you enjoy :)

Just a reminder, if you guys want to see what I've been working on you can check out my all art blog on tumblr. 

Your feedback is very much appreciated :)
(Sorry I didn't answer individually) 

I appreciate everyone's helping words and nice messages regarding my last post.

I've just had a really rough summer on very deep personal  levels that I won't go into. Despite what I could have done to remedy the situation as to going to graduate school and such, I really needed time to decompress after the events following my graduation. 

Really the hardest part for me is just seeing it happen for so many other people that I know, but at the same time I don't what they did or how hard they worked and for that I praise them, though a part of them still envy them.
But mostly now I'm simply working on coming to terms with the things I just can't change and need to snap back into reality that bills need to be paid sitting here waiting for opportunity to come knocking isn't going to get anything. I think the thing that makes the most sad is that I thought sacrificing time, sleep, and a social life would help in the long run but now I'm sitting here wishing for another year of college so I could at least have some sorta fun experience instead of sitting inside drawing.

But I can't keeping whining because that's all my summer has been. Whining and wishful thinking, but like my friend, sometimes you just don't make it :/ 

But that doesn't mean I have to stop drawing. (Which I won't.) I won't give up on the hobby that brings me so much happiness, even if I have to work a job I hate for the rest of my life, at least I have something that makes me smile! (Seriously, drawing is like my saving grace.) And it's not a job that gives your the title of Illustrator / Cartoonist, it's what you describe yourself as….even if you did fail at it professionally like yours truly :P 

Sisters of Spain by Icecry
Sisters of Spain
Guess what famous Italian brothers these two Spanish sisters are based off of? :) Look harder! 

So I’ve been on a Super Mario kick lately and after coming across
 this commercial  of Penelope Cruz and her little sister Monica playing Super Marios brothers as Mario and Luigi I thought to myself- 

"What greater female foils for two Italian brothers than two sisters from Spain?" I thought the concept was pretty precious and after sketch after sketch of ideas these ladies just popped out. And looking at them now I can really to feel the Mario and Luigi vibe. 
For the time being I just call them Sophia and Lucia.

Anyway, that’s my character design for the night. Hope you like it :)
Just a reminder, if you guys want to see what I've been working on you can check out my all art blog on tumblr. 

Your feedback is very much appreciated :)


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